News April 27, 2021

Commercial Real Estate Financing Poised for Boom, CO Experts Say

Josh Zegen, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of Madison Realty Capital, was invited by Commercial Observer to sit on a panel for its Fifth Annual Spring Financing CRE Forum in New York. Mr. Zegen, whose firm has raised a series of impressive debt funds in recent years, was well-versed on the panel topic, Relationship Status: How COVID Is Shifting Lender & Borrower Dynamics & What that Adjustment Looks Like in a New Era. “At the end of the day, for us, it’s all about repeat borrowers and really being a good counterparty working with borrowers,” said Mr. Zegen, who emphasized the need for lenders to take the initiative and help borrowers during times of uncertainty, whether that means “giving latitude” or “giving time when you need to.”

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