News January 07, 2020

The Roaring 2020s: The Next Decade in Real Estate Finance

Commercial Observer marked the new decade by asking Josh Zegen, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of Madison Realty Capital, about his firm’s success in the 2010s and its strengths going into the future. Zegen and MRC have been in the alternative lending business for over a decade, forging relationships with borrowers at a time when banks were regrouping after the financial crisis. Those same relationships have since fostered a thriving private debt fund and nationwide expansion. “You have borrowers that would have been bank borrowers” said Zegen, “but now they’re more likely to call a debt fund. The market has adapted to debt funds and the flexibility they offer.” And, thanks to MRC’s capacity for raising private capital—last year, the firm’s fourth debt fund raised over $1.1 billion—Zegen is confident that his company is well-positioned going into the 2020s.

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